Frequently Asked Questions

This section is ever-growing and changing.  If you have another question that we haven't addressed, please let us know.  Thank you! 

We are very involved in sports and other family activities and don't feel like we can do everything. Does this mean my son can't be a Scout?

We welcome your son's involvement at any level of commitment he and you can make.  If sports is a big part of his life, you'll be pleased to learn that many of his activities can qualify for advancement and other awards.  All we ask is that you let your Den Leader know in advance if you can't make a meeting or activity.  You will be required to pay the registration fee and meet the other requirements for the program, including the uniform guidelines.

What about school vacations and inclement weather?  Do you still have Cub Scout meetings?

When developing the yearly Pack schedule, we review the school calendar to minimize any scheduling conflicts.  If the school closes for the weather or a holiday, we don't meet.  There is always a chance that planning so far ahead of time can bring unforeseen conflicts, and we adjust those dates occasionally as they arise. You will be notified of those days as we get them, or simply look at the Pack Calendar here on our website.

Where and how often do you meet?

As a Pack, we typically meet once a month but often include optional events such as overnight trips, camping, etc.  Most meetings take place on a weekday evening at the Claypit Hill School, but the venue sometimes changes depending on the activity.  Pack meetings include all Scouts, Leaders, and families.  Den meetings (by grade level) occur once a month on average and are arranged by the Den Leader.  Please consult the Pack Calendar for meeting and event schedules. 

 How do I sign up?

We're glad to hear you're joining us!  Visit our Registration page to get started.  If you still have questions, please contact us.

How Do I Get The Scout Uniform?

Cub Scouts buy their own uniform shirt, some patches, and accessories.  Pack 88 provides neckerchiefs, slides, handbooks, badges and awards.  For more information, including what and where to buy, please see our Uniforms page. 

How are Cub Scouts organized?

Pack 88 is a member of the Knox Trail Council, a division of the Boy Scouts of America.  The Cub Scout Pack includes Cub Scouts, Leaders, and families.  The Packs meets once a month and provides an opportunity to do activities together and to recognize the achievements of the boys, their parents, and their leaders. 

A Pack is divided into small groups of boys called Dens that meet monthly under the direction of Den Leaders, who are trained parent volunteers.  Dens are organized by grade and age: Tigers (first grade), Wolves (second grade), Bears (third grade), Webelos I (fourth grade), and Webelos II (fifth grade).  The Dens allow boys to get to know each other better and engage in age appropriate activities that would be difficult in a larger group.  Den meetings include work on advancement requirements as described in their handbook.  Den Leaders may ask for help from parents, such as assisting with a meeting, sharing a special skill, or providing a snack. 

What is the difference between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts?

There are age requirements, but in general, Cub Scouts is for boys in 1st through 5th grade while Boy Scouts is for 6th through 12th grade boys.  Cub Scouts are organized by Packs while Boy Scouts are organized by Troops.   Both programs fall under the Boy Scouts of America.

 What Packs and Troops are available in Wayland?

While young boys may join either pack, Pack 88 generally includes boys from Claypit while Pack 1 is made up of boys from Happy Hollow.  There is only one Boy Scout Troop in Wayland, so when continuing on to Boy Scouts, all join Troop 1.   

Where do you get the Cub Scout leaders?

Pack 88 Leadership is 100% volunteer, made up of parents and adults (like YOU!) who want to be involved in their son's growth and formative years. We need adult participation to ensure success of our program.  Talk to any of the Pack leadership or visit our Volunteer page if you are interested in getting involved.

How Does The Pack's Budget Work?

Pack 88 funds most of its operating budget by selling Trails End Popcorn every Fall.  Participation in this event is highly encouraged of all Pack 88 Scouts and families. Annual membership dues and additional activity fees may supplement coverage of expenses.  Expenses fully or partially incurred by the pack include:

  • Chartering and insurance
  • Awards, patches, books, and scout supplies
  • Facility use fees
  • Food
  • Office supplies
  • Website and registration