Wolf Cubs (2nd Grade)

Den 2 Leaders

  • Joe Schwendt
  • Tyler Stowell
  • Scott Walters

Next, Cub Scouts work toward the Wolf Badge, which is earned by boys who have completed first grade or are eight years old.  To earn this rank, Scouts must complete the Wolf Trail's 12 achievements described in the Wolf Handbook.  Many of the activities can be completed at home with family or during Den meetings.


In addition to the tasks required for the Wolf Badge, he may also complete electives to earn Gold and Silver Arrow Points.  These will be "banked" until he achieves Wolf Rank, then he will be awarded all the Arrow Points earned.  For the first 10 Arrow Point electives he completes, he will be awarded a Gold Arrow Point.  Each additional 10 Arrow Point electives completed will earn him a Silver Arrow Point. There is no limit to the number of Silver Arrow Points he can earn while a Wolf.  It's also important to note that any extra rank achievements earned over and above what is required for Wolf Rank may be counted towards an Arrow Point elective.

Note that some achievements are done at home while others take place in the context of meeting.  Adult family members should sign-off ("Akela's OK") after the boy has completed each one. Then, the book is shown to the Den Leader who also signs the book and records the progress.