Webelos I (4th Grade)

Den 3 Leaders

  • Wil Catlin
  • Joe Schwendt

The Webelos Badge is for boys who have completed third grade or are ten years old. The name Webelos comes from "WE'll BE LOyal Scouts."  In contrast to the younger Scouts, the Webelos program has less emphasis on activities to do at home and more to do with the den.  This is a reflection of their growing independence and responsibilities.  This rank represents the first step in a boy's transition to a Boy Scout troop. 


As Webelos, the boys work to earn 20 Activity Badges.  These badges are actually pins, worn on the Webelos Colors.  Badges are sorted into five discipline-related groups:

  1. Physical Skills - Aquanaut, Athlete, Fitness, Sportsman
  2. Mental Skills - Artist, Scholar, Showman, Traveler
  3. Community - Citizen, Communicator, Family Member, Readyman
  4. Technology - Craftsman, Engineer, Handyman, Scientist
  5. Outdoor - Forester, Geologist, Naturalist, Outdoorsman

The first hurdle for the Weblos I is earning his Webelos Badge.  To do this, he must earn the Fitness and Citizen Badges, along with one additional badge.   He must also learn the Boy Scout oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan.


After earning the Webelos Badge midway through his 4th grade year, the Webelos I begins working to earn his Compass Points Emblem.  He must complete the requirements for four additional Activity Badges.  Once he has earned this emblem, he can then earn a golden Compass Point for each additional four Activity Badges completed.