Tiger Cubs (1st Grade)


Den 5 Leaders

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The Cub Scout adventure begins with Tiger Cubs, a program of exciting indoor and outdoor activities just right for a boy who is in first grade or is seven years old. The basic element of Tiger Cubs is the boy-adult team. The adult may be a parent, grandparent, adult brother or sister, aunt or uncle, or even a neighbor. The Tiger Cub program introduces boys and their adult partners to the excitement of Cub Scouting as they “Search, Discover and Share” together. The Tiger Cub program is conducted on two levels. First, the Tiger Cub and his adult partner conduct activities at home for the whole family to enjoy. Second, the Tiger Cub and adult partner meet once a month with their Den.  Meetings may be held after school or on weekends as announced by your Den Leader.

To earn the Tiger Cub Rank, a Scout must complete a Family Activity, a Den Activity, and a "Go See It" Activity in each of five Achievement Areas:
  1. Making My Family Special
  2. Where I Live
  3. Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe
  4. How I Tell It
  5. Let's Go Outdoors

These activities are described in the Tiger Handbook.  After completing the 15 achievements, he will receive his Tiger Cub badge.

Boys remain in the Tiger Cub program until they finish first grade. Then, they graduate into a Cub Scout den and may participate in Cub Scout summer activities, including Day Camp.